Technology in the World Around Us

Whether or not we realize it, we use technology every day. And it’s not until we don’t have it that we realize how much we depend on it. With recent summer storms here, my family has lost power a couple of times–and once it even lasted for three days! It wasn’t until we couldn’t turn on the lights and couldn’t cook our food in our all-electric kitchen that I began to fathom how much our lives revolve around technology.

My high school runs on a one-to-one tablet PC program where each student receives a laptop for her four years. Our email server as well as textbooks, notebooks, and other software run our school every day. When the power goes out or our internet server is down, it’s very hard to cope. We can’t contact our teachers via email and we can’t use the internet to access textbooks during study halls.

Even our routines revolve around technology. Every morning, I check my email on my laptop in my room. Every night, I put my cell phone to charge in the wall. On those days that we didn’t have electricity, my phone was dead and my laptop was dead. I couldn’t check my email and I couldn’t call people. It was weird. Every time I walked into a room, I flicked on the light switch, only to remember that they weren’t going to turn on. I remember being irritated that we didn’t have internet, we didn’t have phones, we didn’t have lights, we didn’t have hot food.

But now looking back, it’s hard to believe that we can be so selfish. There are people all over the world living in 2012 without any technology or electricity. Every day, they wake up when the sun rises and go to bed when the sun goes down. Every day, they use their minimal incomes to pay for food for their kids, while searching through trash cans for food for themselves. They never watch tv, check their emails, talk on the phone. Their school days lack technology whatsoever. In fact, sometimes, their school days lack true learning whatsoever. Instead of learning about science, math, English, and history on laptops like I do, kids my age learn crafts or various ways to help their families. Some children may grow up not even knowing what a laptop is, whereas I have been privileged enough to be using one right now as I type this post.

Technology has become so important to us in our daily lives. And, technology will certainly become even more of a part of our daily lives as time goes on. You are reading this post from a computer, right? So, why not help to make technology accessible and affordable to kids all over the world? If these kids continue their lives without touching technology, it will be much harder to grow up and be the leaders of their countries they will soon become.


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