Go For It!

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he is given.”

–Francis Bacon


This is your chance. There is no time to waste. All of us have passions, have dreams, have hopes, have goals. 

So, what are you waiting for?

The people who are successful in life are not only the people who make a lot of money, who have several degrees of education, who drive fancy cars, or who have a big family. The people who are successful are most often the people who do the things that people don’t expect them to do. The people who are successful are the people who rise above the expectations, and as Francis Bacon puts it, the people who make opportunities when none are available. 

Achieving a goal or making a dream come true doesn’t always mean reaching out and grabbing the opportunities that are right in front of your nose. I’m not saying if an opportunity is screaming your name that you should just ignore it. I’m saying that you need to get out there and make it happen whether or not there’s an opportunity right in front of your nose. Make one yourself. Muster the courage, the resources, and the strength to get out there and make a difference yourself. 

You don’t have to have worked in nonprofits or have earned a degree in public policy to chase after a cause that really speaks to you. In fact, I’ve learned that myself. Being a seventeen year old girl still in high school is not exactly the best time in your life to invest all your time, your effort, and your energy into an all-consuming project. The only thing you need to make a difference is the initiative to get yourself up from your chair and out the door, with only one goal in mind. 

Your idea of making a difference doesn’t have to huge–you don’t have to pacify all wars, you don’t have to end world hunger, and you don’t have to find a cure for cancer (although all of those issues are extremely important!). Start small. Start with something tangible.

To me, tangible meant grabbing hold of my connection to One Laptop Per Child and harnessing my passion for the people of my country and combining my two interests into one project–Laptops for Egypt. Your project will be different from mine, and different from your best friend’s, and different from your spouse’s. 

You can do it. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t. Don’t let anything get in the way of going for a goal. And don’t be afraid to reach for the moon–the worst thing that can happen is that you land among the stars.


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8 thoughts on “Go For It!

  1. Karen

    Sarah, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts. Your thoughts are well-written and right on target! You’re doing an outstanding job & we are very proud of you. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks so much for your support, Mom. I wouldn’t be where I am had it not been for you and dad. I really and truly appreciate it.

  3. Naim Kheir

    Great job Sarah…I love your focus and great analysis (for a 17 year old student!!)…keep on keeping on…as you perhaps recall the definition of “success”

    Success = faith +focus+ follow up

    We are proud of you Sarah…love..


    • I will never forget that definition that you have instilled in my head since I was very young. Thanks for your support as always!!

  4. Ferial Kheir


    Your passion, discernment, and boldness toward your worthwhile project are to be commended.

    Setting your goal and going after it, and not letting your age be a hindrance to achieving it reminds me of Paul’s urgent advice to Timothy in the Bible.

    You are making a difference, Sarah. You are exceptional in your mature thinking. God bless you.

    • I cannot wait for the day to come when I can look back on this time and think, “Wow! We did it!” That is not to say, however, that this project will be the end when the money has been raised. No, this is just the beginning. Thank you for your emotional support–it means a lot!

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