To the Youth of this World

Dear teenagers today,

Just because society believes that all we do in life is sleep, eat, procrastinate, and make poor decisions doesn’t mean we should live up to those standards. In fact, we should surpass them with flying colors. We are in the prime of our lives–learning all about who we are and what we are made to do. Don’t let your age limit you in any way–don’t feel too old to believe that dreams come true and don’t feel too young that you can’t make a difference. You can. Just think about all the young people our age who have made a difference in the lives of others around them: Just to name two, there’s Ana Dodson who was 17 years old when she founded Peruvian Hearts to support girls in the village where she was born before being adopted, and Bilaal Rajan who was named a UNICEF ambassador at age 8 because of his constant fundraising for causes such as HIV/AIDS research and disaster relief. There are so many more people like this in the world who have devoted their lives from a young age to make a difference in the world around them.

What’s the lesson here? Don’t feel discouraged that you haven’t lived your life like these two examples. Instead, figure out a problem in the world that you are passionate about. Unfortunately, there are plenty of problems which need addressing in this world. And then, start small. In your household, in your school, in your local community. And soon, with hard work, motivation, and maybe some help from the adults in your life, you will have started something great.

You never know what’s going to happen unless you try.


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6 thoughts on “To the Youth of this World

  1. Naim Kheir

    Just superb….thanks Sarah for your analysis and motivating thoughts….


  2. Ferial Kheir

    Insightful and mature thinking, Sarah…Teenagers do need that kind of encouragement as they face their challenges daily.Good advice,Sarah.



    • I strongly believe that society has given teenagers such low expectations to live up to, and then complain that teenagers don’t know how to do anything for themselves. I read a book called Do Hard Things by two twin teenage boys named Alex and Brett Harris who commented on this exact subject, all based on the fact that teenagers need to rebel against low expectations. It was a fantastic book and I strongly recommend you to read it!

  3. Karen

    Awesome post, Sarah! Thanks for sharing these examples. I have always believed that people will rise to the challenge & live up (or down) to the standards set for them. It is unfortunate that many people have such low expectations of teenagers when they truly have so much potential and a lot to give. You are making a difference and inspiring others to do the same. Keep on paying it forward.

    • Thanks to Alex and Brett Harris who wrote Do Hard Things, I have been very encouraged to rise above the expectations that are set for teenagers.

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