You Are Not Alone

Each of us has faced success in our lives.

That moment in the soccer tournament when you scored the winning goal. That moment when you receive your results to a very important exam to find out that you have indeed passed! That moment when you get promoted in your job. 

Think about something for a second. In our moments of success there is always someone by our side. Whether it’s my mom, congratulating me on my Biology exam grade, or my best friend, cheering alongside me when I break my tae kwon do boards on the first try, there is always at least one person I can think of who has been with me through thick and thin. And maybe it’s not the same person for every situation.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is that you’re not alone. In the good times and the bad times, you are not alone. You will have someone to celebrate with you. Even so, our victories, and our defeats, are not completely our own. Think about it.

Maybe you wouldn’t have performed your speech so well in front of an audience if your dad didn’t suggest that you practice in front of a mirror. Maybe you wouldn’t have been accepted for a new position at work if your coworker didn’t edit your resume beforehand

Although it’s important to pat yourself on the back when you perform well, we ultimately have to remember that because we are never alone in the things which we do every day, we cannot take all the credit for our victories.

So, now that I have started Laptops for Egypt, I most certainly cannot take all the credit for the idea. My technology teacher, the same woman who introduced me to One Laptop Per Child in the first place a year and a half prior to my revelation in her office in December 2011, is the one who fed my idea from the very beginning, connected me with the right people, and has been there with me since day 1. This project would definitely not exist had it not been for her.

And when I began research to find a nonprofit organization in the United States to help me get started with my connections to Egypt, it was my grandparents who suggested Hands Along the Nile to me. 

After I contacted Hands Along the Nile, it was their executive director who quickly responded to my email, agreed to have a Skype conference call with me after I returned from winter break, and has not given up on a seventeen-year-old girl and her dream since then.

And all along the way, ever since that day in December when I returned home from school with a smile on my face and a dream in my heart, my parents have been there to support this project every step of the way. They have encouraged me to reach out, to keep going, and to focus on my goal even when things get rough. So even when I have homework and tae kwon do and college applications, in addition to emails to send and phone calls to be made and proposals to write for this project, my parents are the ones who keep me stable and make sure that I don’t lose sight of what I’m doing or where I’m going in life. Mom and Dad, I can’t do this without the two of you.

I also cannot imagine what this project would be like if I did not have the support of the entire Upper School faculty by my side. When I first started talking about my project publicly–after all the major details had been ironed out–the first group of people I talked to was my teachers. They allowed me to interrupt their faculty meeting for a few minutes to tell them all about Laptops for Egypt. And from that very day, they have checked up on the project, they have opened the project up to their friends outside my school’s community, and they have followed this blog. I want to thank each and every one of them for all they have done to emotionally support my project every step of the way. Each and every one of them has reassured me that this project is important and indeed has purpose.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to my blog-readers! It means so much to me that when I log onto my computer, I can see that people have viewed this blog from not only Egypt and the United States, but also England, Israel, Brazil, and other countries all around the world! If the love I have for this project continues until it reaches the ends of this Earth, I am more than confident that we will reach our goal and I will see these computers reach the children of Egypt’s “Zabaleen” before I graduate from high school in June 2013.

Thanks to all of you. You each have a special place in my heart. Never forget that.



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6 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  1. Every step counts. More power to you! Let us know how we can help.

  2. Thank you so much! Please feel free to contact me using the contact forum on the upper righthand corner of your screen if you need any additional information on how to help out with this project. I am so glad to know that you are excited about this project!

  3. Naim Kheir

    Hi Sarah : Early this morning I read your piece and was very impressed ; I talked about it ,and your project, to the Bible class I taught today and addressed your level of commitment,understanding and zeal to help others who are truly in need of help…..David Jeremiah ,a best selling author and a renowned speaker,once asked “isn’t it time we got out of the shaker ?” He is referring to “which location of salt,in or out of the shaker,best illustrates signs of life “.

    I am very proud of you being keen on acknowledging those who have been helpful in your journey including your High School Faculty,Hands on the Nile ,your parents and grandparents,those who contribute as well as those who are interested in your blogs,etc…..Growing up in this ME generation ,you chose to be true to yourself..Now,Sarah, this is “Character”.
    My best wishes and thanks for all you do.


    • I sincerely appreciate your willingness to talk about my project to your class this morning. As far as thanking everyone who has been involved, I forgot one more thing on my blog: I want to thank you and Ferial for your daily comments on this blog. You both have been very motivational in causing me to continue this project, as I see your comments to every one of my posts every time I log into write again, and I really appreciate it!

  4. Ferial Kheir

    Dear Sarah,

    Your love, sense of gratitude and dedication are very refreshing… rare are those people your age who have adopted such an altruistic project with your enthusiasm…Keep it going, Sarah dear …more power to you…Love you.


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