I have been given the privilege to speak at this year’s TEDxYouth Columbus event on Wednesday October 3 from 9-4 at COSI! I attended the event last year and it was pretty much a life-changing experience that taught me how to hone in on a passion I have and fight for it. As a matter of fact, it was on that November day in 2011 when I decided that my passion was education. One month later, I was sitting in my technology teacher’s office, coming up with the idea for Laptops for Egypt!

I encourage all of you to watch any of the TED talks–adult or youth, Columbus or not–sometime. They are incredibly moving and inspirational and will encourage you to get out of your chair and change the world. I am so excited to be a part of such an amazing event this year. Tune in on my blog sometime after Wednesday of this week where I will not only include a direct link to my talk, but also any other talks from the event that I feel pertain to my vision of education, technology, and making a difference internationally.

To find out more information, please follow @tedxycbus on Twitter, visit their website at http://tedxcolumbus.com/events/tedxyouthcolumbus-the-future-revealed/ or like them on Facebook at TEDxYouth@Columbus.

This year’s theme is called “The Future Revealed.”

Looking forward to this! Only four days left!!


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