A Tribute to My School

My time in high school is really coming to end with every passing day. Less than a month until I walk down the red aisle, wearing a white dress and carrying a dozen red roses, saying goodbye to my beloved school of ten years. I want to spend this post talking about how much it has meant to me to be a student of Columbus School for Girls for the past ten years of my life. In all seriousness, I would not have been the person I am today had my wonderful parents not enrolled me in such an amazing school. So, to my teachers, friends, and staff members at CSG, here are some of the priceless things you’ve taught me over the last decade. 

Firstly, I’ve definitely learned how to believe in myself. I know this sounds incredibly cheesy, but it’s extremely true. Being in an all-girls environment, I have seen most of my teachers and administrators being women–and absolutely rocking at their various jobs and positions! You’ve taught me to believe in myself when I have an idea to share, and to not be afraid to share my idea with others–even if that means being the only one who thinks a certain way (which has definitely happened before!). You’ve taught me how to push myself in choosing classes and extracurriculars and how to embrace every part of me, even if I’m different than “normal.” You’ve shown me how to look my fears (like public speaking) straight in the eye and smile, because with lots of practice (and maybe even some tears), I can overcome anything that I put my mind to. And who would have ever guessed that I have a fear of public speaking now? My parents would actually say that I have the opposite problem–talking too much 🙂

And what about all those talks and motivational speakers about breaking out of your comfort zone in order to take a risk? I can say without a shadow of a doubt that even though I may not have expressed my appreciation on the first day of 6th grade when our Middle School director talked about “leaning into discomfort,” that talk has stuck in my head ever since then (and in a good way, too!). You’ve taught me that staying at the status quo is just not good enough. If I remain at the same place for too long, I’ll take advantage of what I’ve been given and eventually get really bored. Instead, by pushing myself to join a sport that I never thought I’d join (I went from ballet to martial arts, for goodness’s sake!), I really can find myself. I never thought in a million years that someone as small as I am would find as much enjoyment as I do in kicking a target with all my strength or punching through a block of wood. But, hey, you never know until you try, right? Even when it seems completely irrational at the time, sometimes, the unexpected things are the best things.

And you’ve taught me to never give up. Even when the situation seems to be the worst of the worst (like when I couldn’t travel with my classmates to the Caribbean and deliver laptops), things can always turn themselves around if you have hope and persistence. Had I given up in September 2010, I never would have found out my passion about educating kids all over the world, despite their seemingly impossible circumstances. I never would have thought of Laptops for Egypt. I never would have had all the opportunities that Laptops for Egypt has given me. My life would honestly have been a completely different story. 

So, CSG, thank you for everything. Thank you for teaching me all of the wonderful lessons I’ve learned over the past ten years (and still mastering, since I continue to make mistakes every day). Thank you for bringing some of the most amazing people in my life from my friends to my teachers. And thank you for fostering the best educational experience I could have asked for. You met all my expectations and more, and I have to admit that I actually enjoyed waking up every morning and going to school every day. I’ll certainly miss you next year, but that’s not to say that I’m not excited for my next four years at Kenyon College 🙂

Forever and always a unicorn, 

–Sarah Naguib

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2 thoughts on “A Tribute to My School

  1. Naim Kheir

    Sarah : this is just beautiful..I remember in January 2003 when we drove with the family for your interview at CSG for your admission; and the rest is history..you are right about persistence,going the extra mile,public speaking,thinking of others specially the underprivileged,etc..

    We can’t wait to see you in the white graduation dress with the roses in your hand.!!!…As you said,the next four years might be as ,if not more ,exciting……love..

    Naim and Ferial

    • I can’t believe that ten years have gone by since then! It’s been an amazing rollercoaster and I couldn’t have asked for a better secondary school education experience than the one I have been blessed with. I’m definitely looking forward to the next four years of my life, too!
      –Sarah Naguib

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