The Laptops

Video courtesy of OLPC.

The OLPC computers are surprisingly capable, despite their childish appearances, and have advanced features such as a camera and internet capabilities. These computers are also incredibly durable from their silicone keyboards to their overall ruggedness. Apparently, you can throw one across the room without it breaking, which makes them perfectly kid-friendly.

The knowledge that these children will gain from having access to computers, which will help them learn more than crafting skills, is irreplaceable and extremely valuable. OLPC’s computers will be a completely revolutionary concept to these children and their teachers—one laptop can store a whole library of books, and in its “book mode,” a computer can be turned into a reader. Because the members of the “Zabbaleen” are too poor to purchase books or any sort of reading material, the majority of their population is illiterate. By providing a whole library of books on just one of these one hundred laptops, the children will not be the only beneficiaries of this gift. In addition to books, OLPC gives these laptops access to thousands of free applications that can be downloaded on the computers—the laptops can grow along with the kids. Some of these applications—such as Wikipedia—can be used without wifi, which will be extremely important within the “Zabbaleen” community in particular.

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